Meet The New Harvest Directory Team!

The Harvest Directory Project now has a new team of five Washington College Students! Leading the team is Marissa Seidel as Project Manager, working with Emma Hudson, Madison Kaye, Sam Trikeriotis, and Nika Peden.

Marissa Seidel

Marissa is a Senior at Washington College, graduating with a double major in Anthropology and American Studies and two minors in History and Black Studies. She is the Project Manager of the Harvest Directory Project, and this is her first time being a Project Manager. She has an interest in farms and farm culture, so she is very excited to have been put in charge of this project!

Emma Hudson

Emma is a Freshman Biology and Anthropology double major at Washington College. She is really excited to be the head of the social media section of the Eastern Shore Harvest Directory!

Madison Kaye

Madison is a Freshman from Colonia, New Jersey, potentially majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Music. She looks forward to improving the Harvest Directory website, and hopes to add many new businesses to the database during her time on the project to make the Harvest Directory as useful as it can be, both for agribusinesses on the site, and customers of those businesses.

Sam Trikeriotis

Sam is a Freshman at Washington College majoring in Anthropology. She’s very excited to be working with the Harvest Directory because of the opportunity to work directly with people in the field and through email, which is a glimpse of what she could be doing with her major.

Nika Peden

Nika is a Freshman at Washington College. She is majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical/Counseling and minoring in Business Management. Nika is very excited to be working on the Harvest Directory Project, and hopes to spread awareness of the project through various forms of social media and outreach projects.


For this semester, the new team would like to assist the growth of more businesses, especially in the new additions of Caroline, Talbot, and Dorchester counties to the Harvest Directory. We plan on going to many farmers markets and other events in these areas as well as Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s counties. We would love to help as many agri-businesses as we can!


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