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Visiting Breezy Run Farm

Check out our interview with Vicky Meyer of Breezy Run Farm, located in Church Hill, Maryland.


Vicky Meyer and her husband bought Breezy Run farm in 1999.  When Mr. Meyer’s was retiring from his pharmacy, they started looking for an investment.  They always liked the outdoors and farms, and their daughter rode horses.  Vicky managed the community stable in Annapolis so Breezy Run Farm seemed like a match.  The Meyers weren’t originally searching the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but the convenience from Annapolis and the friendliness of the neighbors is what made them stay.  “I needed some hay and I heard there was a cow farmer down the road that had some.  When I showed up with my old van, he started laughing at me.  When I asked what was wrong he said “You see that old truck there? You need something you come and you get it and just let me know.  I thought ‘gee that’s amazing,’ but I have found that kind of warmth with many people over here and I just, I love the people dearly,” Vicky shares.

Boarding is not all that goes on at Breezy Run Farms, breeding has become common there as well.  Vicky being a nurse by trade and through helping some veterinarians, shots and foaling out has come naturally and vastly.  Breezy Run Farms has even boarded and raised young foals.  They also host a handful of horse shows, clinics, and lessons.  They also host Interscholastic Equestrian Association middle school and high school for the area.  In addition to everything horses, the also produce hay, straw, and soybeans.  Their most recent endeavor is their vineyard; they hope to have some grapes within the next year to start making wine.


“You just never know what is going to happen,” Vicky said.  About a year and a half ago she got an email from the World Trade Center wanting to bring a delegation from Iraq.  Vicky being retired Navy from Desert Storm, found the visit from the Iraqis to really come full circle.  “I just learned so much from them, the woman spoke fluent English, and I really enjoyed the visit.”  The Iraqis coming to Breezy Run Farm was by chance, much like the Meyers finding the farm in the first place.  You just never know what is going to happen.

Breezy Run Farms is also involved in the Maryland Horse Council, along with other organizations.  Too see what is currently going on at Breezy Run Farms, check out their website and click their on “Events and Lessons” page! 

This interview was conducted by Emily Scherer, an intern with Washington College’s Geographic Information Systems lab, on behalf of the Upper Shore Regional Council.